Drug treatments have come to play a central role in the medical profession's approach to mental distress. Medication is often the main form of treatment offered to you by a GP or psychiatrist. Psychiatric drugs do not affect everyone in the same way and they don't necessarily work for or suit everybody. Often, given the choice, people find counselling and other therapies helpful instead of, or alongside, drug treatments. Social support and acceptance, and practical improvements in people's living conditions, may also be just as important to a sense of well-being and ability to cope as any psychiatric treatments or psychological therapies. Apart from the hoped for effects, psychiatric drugs also have unwanted or adverse effects ('side effects'). You should expect to be given accurate information about any medication you are prescribed, particularly about the expected benefits, unwanted effects and possible choices of treatments, including alternatives to drugs. Careful and regular monitoring by the prescribing GP or psychiatrist should also be an essential part of any drug treatment, as should information and support when reducing or withdrawing from medication.

Coming Off Psychiatric Medication

This is a website which aims to give you up to date information about psychiatric medication, how it functions and the withdrawal process. It is put together by people who have been prescribed medication and withdrawn from it, and clinicians who have been involved in supporting this process. The website provides information on psychiatric drugs, more »

Pharmacy Website

This is a website service only, see “How to use the site”.  It offers detailed information on psychiatric drugs from a medical perspective, including answers to common questions such as what are they used for, how they work, what side effects there are, if they addictive, if they affect other medication, etc. The website is aimed more »

Seroxat & SSRI User Group

The Seroxat User Group was set up by UK patients using the medication, to provide support and advice to users and to their families and friends. It provides a website with online support and advice about Seroxat anti-depressant medication and other SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors).  This website contains information about the aims of the group, more »

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